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Learning table tennis tactics made easy.

General information about table tennis tactics

Table tennis is one of the fastest ball sports in the world. If you take into account the time between two ball contacts, table tennis can even be called the fastest setback sport. Since a player usually only has a fraction of a second left to decide how he should or can play a ball, it is advantageous to come up with a basic tactical setting or strategy. It should be said, however, that the tactics in table tennis initially play a subordinate role. But in connection with the right technique, condition and other factors, it is the most important point to win, especially in competitions (e.g. table tennis Bundesliga).

Tactics and strategy

Basically you have to differentiate between table tennis tactics and strategy. The strategy is more of a long-term consideration. In table tennis, for example, this would be the basic tactics or the game system that a player plays (offensive / defensive). The focus here should be on your own skill levels.

The tactic is the short-term use of all conditional, physical and technical skills in order to skillfully exploit or allude to the weaknesses of the opponent. You also try to prevent your opponent from using your strengths in the game. The tactic must therefore be changed more often, as it is also dependent on the situation and the opponent. If the player notices that a certain tactic is unsuccessful, he should reconsider and change or adapt it at the latest after the game set.

Tactical understanding and what it takes

In table tennis, building up tactical understanding is one of the top priorities. However, some basic requirements are necessary for this:
  • Theoretical knowledge
  • Perceptual skills
  • Strategic - tactical thinking
In the further course you will also learn how to practice tactical understanding in a targeted manner and which aids will help you.
In order to come up with your own table tennis tactics / strategy, however, you have to consider several things!
The type of game (basic tactics)
Game type, in the broadest sense, comes down to your overall strength. That means, are you more offensive, defensive or do you play all-round.

The offensive player usually tries to put the opponent under pressure with fast, forward rotating balls (topspin).

The defensive player , on the other hand, tries to keep his opponent from pulling a fast topspin with rather slow, but strongly backward-rotating balls (backspin, or undercut). This is especially very effective against offensive players, as the strong backspin can be played back much more difficult than topspin.

The all-round player is a mixture of both. He rarely pulls the ball when there is little risk of a mistake. So he is neutral and plays the ball back both defensively and offensively.
The table tennis racket

The table tennis surface also reflects your own strengths and the type of game. The rule is: If you have an offensive attitude, you choose a rather faster rubber with which you can pull top spins. If the player is set defensively, he chooses a slow rubber in order to be able to play slow but sharp undercut balls.
Which surface you choose depends on the player. I therefore recommend that you seek advice in the nearby table tennis shop.
A problem that occurs again and again, however, is what are known as material players. You play with pimples, anti or defensive rubbers. This makes it difficult, especially for an offensive player, as the spin is mostly unpredictable.

I therefore strongly advise you to take the online table tennis course by TT-Helden with Jannick Borschel and Ruwen Filus. There you will learn all the techniques to score points, especially against defenders. Have a look now !!

The surcharge

The serve is also one of the most important tools for your table tennis tactical game . In table tennis, the service is the only ball that is played at rest. Here the player can decide for himself how and where to play the ball. In doing so, he has a direct influence on the opponent's second leg.
Example: I am an offensive player, but my opponent is defensive. If I play a fast serve with topspin, my opponent tends to respond with an undercut, which means that in most cases the ball comes back a little higher so that I can go straight into the attack.

This example shows that the service is one of the most effective means of preparing one's attack or defense game and should therefore be practiced with great care. Therefore, in order to improve your table tennis tactics, I recommend the service video course from TT-Heroes.

The golden rule

The golden rule in table tennis is especially important for attacking players. This rule states that you try to play the first possible ball in such a way that the opponent has no chance of returning the ball. If it doesn't work right away, then you prepare the ball until you can go on to attack.

Practice table tennis tactics with aids
Who hasn't asked themselves these questions in a table tennis competition? Why do I lose after a high leadership? Why am I so good in training and so bad in competition? Why do I always lose to my feared opponent?
If you ask yourself these questions often and cannot call up your performance in training in competition, you should not worry your head about table tennis tactics or continue to hone your technique.

This problem arises more from a mental hurdle. This means that in table tennis you should focus on mental training and mental preparation.
Since table tennis is the fastest return sport, the player does not have much time to return a ball. The fine motor skills are also heavily used and block very quickly in stressful situations. Therefore, mental training should also be carried out in the table tennis club.
An important point is, for example, the break after a set has been played. Here the player should think through the set played again and recognize tactical errors and weaknesses of the opponent. An outside player who has seen the game can help analyze these factors.  For Any Information Regarding to Table Tennis you can always visit our website Ping Pong Table #1 Destination For All Your Queries